High Utility Chain Roller Conveyors

High Utility Chain Roller Conveyors

Chain Roller Conveyors are electrically controlled roller conveyor which provides you flexibility in layout and appropriate material transportation. Chain Roller Conveyors are manufactured for transporting a varied types of polybags, crates, boxes, and pallets. Chain Roller Conveyors is used in every stage of your product flow, transport, processing, packaging, etc. with further options in modifications as required. System consists of supply of pre-assembled free-rollers and driven roller conveyors made of stainless steel.

 For medium and light loads, Chain Roller Conveyors can be modified the option of installing drum rollers (motorized drive rollers), line shaft rollers and band driven rollers too. We design the roller shell diameter and shaft diameter according to the conveying load and speed. All rollers are fixed with double sealed greased bearings that are maintenance free and sealed for life providing years of efficient and reliable service life.

Advantages / Features of Chain Roller Conveyors

  • Compact design to save more space.
  • Can control the speeds for conveying.
  • Quiet operation for a lesser noise levels.
  • Low installation and maintenance costs.
  • Required less maintenance and has long service life.
  • Double sprockets drives by chain loops for transfer of loads.
  • The chain sprocket driven roller conveyors allow for a positive slip free drive to the load for heavy applications.

Chain Roller Conveyors due to their flexibility and applications are used predominately in logistics and manufacturing, and numerous other industries like Packaging, Food handling, Mail delivery services, Logistics, Baggage handling, Manufacturing and design, and Steelmaking, etc.

About Sharp Engineering

Sharp Engineering is renowned name and has become one of the most trusted and quality-driven manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Packaging Machines, Material Handling Equipment, Belt Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, and Roller Conveyors. At Sharp Engineering, we are well-equipped with technology to design superior performance products and are renowned in designing the best customized version to meet specific criteria and are with industry-leading engineers who provide you excellence with innovation. These machines are manufactured from high-quality materials sourced from trusted and reliable vendors and manufactured at our premises using quality tested components in compliance with Industry Quality Standards. Sharp Engineering’ success is based on extensive product range, top-notch engineering, more than 25 years’ experience, and guarantee of after-sales service and consultation support. 

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